Nominated for the Moggies

What a wonderful way to finish off a great year. One of my posts – Linkbait at any cost – has been nominated in the Moggies. Rewarding the best Australian marketing post for 2008,The Moggies are being run over at Media Hunter and are supported by Marketing Magazine. Kudos indeed to be included in the final ten nominees.

Appearing way back in April, my post caused a stir by objecting to the linkbaiting tactics of a prominent figure in the online marketing community. The ensuing hoo-ha resulted in weeks of active debate across a number of blogs, a response from Matt Cutts of Google, a headline story on Media Watch who enjoyed outing the Daily Telegraph yet again, and the eventual apology from the website.

If only I could write a post like that every week!

The full list of nominated blog posts are – (pass the envelope, please…)

The nominees are being judged by three well-suited marketing personalities. Mark Jones of Filtered Media, Mark Chenery (ex-Adnews) and Kate Kendall of Marketing Magazine.

It is great to be included in such company. I’ve been following Gavin and Julian and Katie for some time. Recently, I also discovered Daniel (and his Red Bull post comes with a highly frustrating and addictive quiz on logos) so was happy to see he made the list. In fact, everyone deserves to be here and I am sure a few RSS readers are getting some extra clicks as others discover more quality blogs ripe for subscription.

Some people may be confused when visiting this blog; is it a marketing blog, movies blog, scriptwriting blog, copywriting blog, Christmas blog — something else? I describe this blog as the “ramblings from a writer’s desk” as that allows me to cover a multitude of topics that occur to me in my daily work as copywriter, magazine contributor and marketer. Don’t be put off if tomorrow’s post is about Christmas (it is the time of year after all – and I’m reusing some old Christmas posts from a defunct blog while I do other things like get married and travel overseas). Don’t panic. There’s probably a marketing post around the corner. Or a film review. Or some handy copywriting tips.

Next Monday, when the winner is announced, I will be jet-lagged and freezing in Manchester, England, on the first day of a four week trek that includes Christmas with family, New Year in Paris (that’s the official honeymoon bit), and January in London. Blogging will no doubt be sporadic and Twitter may go dark.

I hope to find a wi-fi network and toast the winner of the Moggies on Monday, but I think there’s plenty worthy of recognition in all the posts and hope you do too.

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